Chris Hockey Drums: Drum Lessons for All Ages & Playing Levels

My name is Chris Hockey.

Born into a family of drummers, I’ve pretty much had sticks in my hand since day 1 and landed my first paying gig at age 16. Since then I’ve played with all sorts of bands, landed a recording deal in Los Angeles and shared the stage with the likes of Peter Frampton, Radiohead, Soul Decision, Sarah McLachlan and more.  Playing drums is both challenging and deeply rewarding and I feel very fortunate to be able to do it for a living.  Drawing from my experience playing both live and in the studio, I believe I have lots to offer.

As a teacher, my approach is totally dependent on the individual.  What would you like to learn?  What inspires you?  Whatever style of music lights a spark in you, we will dig into it.  I customize my lessons to meet each students needs, helping you to reach your goals and keep the spark of inspiration intact.  Whether you are holding sticks for the first time or you’re preparing for your next big gig, I’m here to help out!  Let’s play some drums!  🙂

Audio Some Studio Recordings I’ve Played On:

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Chris Hockey

Professional Drummer

Vancouver, BC, Canada


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